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My name is Kid--owner/operator of 416 and Company--and I grew up a homeless youth on the streets of Toronto. I have seen first-hand what a beautiful, and special city Toronto can be. This has always been my home, where I have grown up, and where I have learnt most of what I know about life today--and I am grateful to have had that opportunity. So here at 416 and Company, we provide people who love Toronto just as much, with the best locally-designed, unique, and fashionable Canadian apparel. Staying true to our roots, we utilize other local-area businesses to provide the most personalized selection of authentic Toronto-themed merchandise on the market. Plus you'll look damn fly! Just sayin'.

Our designs are as unique as Toronto itself. And, being that there is just about every culture here in this city, we try and have something for everyone. I like to think of our Roman Numeral "416" logo, as very fly, and a smart representation of this beautiful city; the "4" mirroring the "6", with the "1" resembling both the Roman Numeral "I" (1), and the CN Tower, all coming together to spell out "416" in a very unique way. 

People often don't get our logo at first, but when they do, they love it! So, you'll definitely be rock'n some unique street wear. And, our "Tor6nto" logo is also unique. Big thanks to Drake, Toronto now has its own special handle: The 6ix. So, we have incorporated it into the city's name, by replacing the middle "O" with a "6", but just at the right height, so as to be flush with the two other "O's" in Toronto. And, we have even taken it a step above lately with our Old English "Tor6nto" logo. These are Hypebeast worthy and definitely fly! Classic street wear, Toronto, and you! What could be better?

But maybe you're looking for something minimal? Don't worry! We got you! Our "6" Collection hats are just the thing. Basically, we just switched around the logos from front to back, so that just our little Old English "6" is embroidered on the fronts, and our Roman Numeral "416" logo is embroidered small along the back. Get the love for this city across subtly with these gems. Hats range from 5panels, to dad hats, so you'll definitely find something to fit your niche.

I have worked hard to make it off the streets, but I keep with me all the knowledge, the pain and suffering, and wisdom, of someone who has been broken down, just to be built back up. Toronto has built me back up, and through this little venture I am able to show my love for the city that never gave up on me.  Toronto rocks, and so do you! 


416 and Company

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